One of the realities of life in the private rented sector is that properties need updating and refreshing from time to time.

Having been lived in by a number different people for a long period time can mean that properties end up looking tired and worn, and in order to keep attracting new tenants, it’s important that they are given the odd new lick of paint and quick breath of fresh air.

Why not use this spring time period to do a little more than this, though ‘ Giving a property a more extensive refurb and a little redecoration can mean you widen the appeal and bring in more prospective tenants than you might have otherwise done. We take a look at a few of the considerations owners can make this spring in this regard. 

ColoursYou might be feeling a bit creative when it comes time to give the home a new lease of life. When it looks a bit drab and dark, it’s only natural to want to inject colour and vibrancy into the home, but remember, going too ambitious can make problems when it comes to letting, potentially turning away prospective tenants.

Bright colours and ambitious wallpapers simply aren’t for everyone, and whilst these can look great, it’s best to play it safe with rental properties. You want to maximise appeal, not limit it, and this is best done by choosing neutral colours, which have the best chance of not offending anyone and making sure your property comes across well to the majority of potential tenants.


When you’re giving any home a revamp, the flooring can be a great place to focus, and this is never truer than when you are looking at improving its rental capabilities.

Carpeting is a bit outdated and old fashioned now, but many homes will still have carpets installed from a few years back. If a rental property is between tenants, however, it’s the perfect time to get the carpets lifted and replaced with relatively cheap laminate or hardwood floors. Not only are these more stylish and likely to appeal to your market, but they also enhance that illusion of space that makes a property so desireable.

Where to focus

Knowing where to focus your attentions when carrying out a revamp is vitally important, so knowing which rooms are best at attracting tenants, and which have the best impact on sentiment is vital.

Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the rooms that have that real wow factor in this regard. New fittings, tiles and floors can really add that little shine to an already fantastic property, and by making changes to your bathrooms and kitchen, you give prospective tenants even more reason to move into your home.

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