This form must be completed and signed before any application for tenancy can be formally considered. Applicants are reminded that in addition to the reference information requested herein they MUST also provide proof of identification and current address (passport / driving licence and current utility bill). Failure to complete all relevant sections IN FULL including all addresses and postcodes will result in a delay processing your application and additional costs.

1. Property details (address to be let)

Tenancy period

Tenancy start date

Number of applicants

Total rent

2. Guarantor details

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Time at address:


UK resident:

Address status: Owned/mortgagedRented(Family/friends)

Names of tenants taking occupancy

Age (if under 18)

Relationship to tenant

Are any of the above named a smoker?

Do they have any pets?

Have you had any CCJ’s, rent arrears or entered into bankruptcy (IVA) in the past 6 years? YesNo

3. Next of kin

4. Additional notes & comments

5. IMPORTANT - please note

All guarantors are advised that if acceptable you ‘the guarantor’ will be responsible for paying the tenants rent in full or part should the tenant fail to pay the amount agreed in the lease for the period of time set out in the lease or period of time the property is occupied by the tenant - whichever is the greater. You will also be responsible for the costs of any damage done to the property whilst tenanted, and any other matter where the tenant is in breach of their agreement and a financial penalty is incurred.
Housing Benefit Tenant: If applying to stand as a guarantor for a tenant who believes themselves to be entitled to housing benefit you are advised that the submission of a housing benefit claim is not proof that the tenant will receive help paying their rent. Should the claim be successful and Housing Benefits agree to pay the claim it is possible that the allowance awarded will not cover the agreed rent and the tenant will have to pay any shortfall. Should they fail to do so, you the guarantor will become responsible. At any time during the claim Housing Benefits can stop payment, they can, should sufficient grounds exist, request all funds paid be refunded. Where the tenant is unable to meet this request you as guarantor will once again become liable.

6. Bank details

Will this be the account that the rent is payable from? YesNo


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