This form must be completed and signed before any application for tenancy can be formally considered. Applicants are reminded that in addition to the reference information requested herein they MUST also provide proof of identification and current address (passport / driving licence and current utility bill). Failure to complete all relevant sections IN FULL including all addresses and postcodes will result in a delay processing your application and additional costs.

1. Property details (address to be let)

Tenancy period

Tenancy start date

Number of applicants

Total rent

Rent for this applicant

2. Applicant details

Date of birth:


Time at address:


UK resident:

Address status: Owned/mortgagedRented(Family/friends)

Names of additional tenants taking occupancy

Age (if under 18)

Relationship to tenant

Are you or any of the above named a smoker?

Do you have any pets?

Have you had any CCJ’s, rent arrears or entered into bankruptcy (IVA) in the past 6 years? YesNo

3. Employment details

Employment status

Time in employment

4. Next of kin

5. Additional notes & comments

6. Fees & holding deposit

Patricia Shepherd Letting & Management charge structured Tenants Fees. A copy of these fees can be found here. These fees are to cover the costs of processing your tenancy, the fees once paid are non-refundable. Each individual tenant must complete an ‘Application for Tenancy’. A status enquiry may be requested from each tenant’s bank and there may be a minimal fee charged by the bank directly to the tenant’s account. An inventory ‘check out’ fee is charged to the tenant on vacation of the property.

A holding deposit of £500.00 will be required to secure the property whilst your application is processed. Once accepted for tenancy, the balance of deposit (equal to 1.5 months’ rent) plus first months’ rent in advance and balance of any additional fees must be paid in full in cleared funds before commencement of tenancy. Please note, if paying by Credit Card, a transaction fee of 3% will be added to the total. The deposit will not be returned until your tenancy is ended and only then provided your rent is paid in full and on the proviso the property is returned satisfactory and the inventory has been checked. NB: Before the deposit is refunded we will also have to consult with the landlord.

All negotiations are subject to contract and the tenancy start date cannot be relied upon until satisfactory references have been received.

7. Bank details

Will this be the account that the rent is payable from? YesNo


I have read, understood and agreed to the declaration & TENANT FEE STRUCTURE*

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